Sometimes when installing certain architectural elements, there can be challenges on how the product can be installed. When installing for example, crown molding, the large decorative patterns can make the corners tricky to match up. This is why we have product specialists who are able to help all of our customers buy the exact product they are looking for.

One product for example is ET-88274HW Crown Molding in which the large modallion pattern requires special care for proper corner installation. Tom, whose corners we see in the photos took special creative measures to insure an excellent install. Tom writes:

“…I decided to use the square ends and make corner blocks that would somewhat mimic the pattern.  After gluing up the blocks I used a Dremel to carve the profile on the sides to match the end of the molding. Then I used applique’s cut out of the waste material and applied to the front and bottom of the blocks and painted the blocks to match the coloring on the molding.  Came out pretty well I believe.”

It is wonderful to see customer’s final results and come up with such extraordinary decorative elements to their houses.