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Written by Guest Blogger Shawn Swanson

It goes without saying that a tin ceiling can completely change a rooms dynamic. Whether you want a modern art deco style, or a more classic shabby chic motif, a tin ceiling can be the thread that pulls it all together. Tin ceilings are fun, they’re unique, they’re beautiful, and they’re… easy to install? Well…no, but at least they are beautiful.

The truth is that tin tiles are a severe pain in the patootie where installation is concerned. Tin ceiling tiles for one, are fairly heavy, typically weighing between 1.2 to 2.5 pounds per tile. It may not seem like much weight, but a ceiling isn’t designed to hold much. You can’t just take tin ceiling tiles and start mounting them right up on a drywall ceiling. It won’t hold. Instead you have to install plywood sheets that will be attached to the ceiling joists, and then you can install the tin tiles. I know! Who thought it would be so complicated? They’re just ceiling tiles right? Once the plywood is up you can begin installing the actual tiles with steel nails, and that’s kind of the easy part.

Unless your rooms shape is a perfectly even numbered square like 10×10 or 12×12, then you will have to cut some tiles to fit. If you plan your installation well, these outer tiles will appear as a border to your ceiling.

Time to break out the tin snips, which for all intents and purposes are simply scissors that cut metal. I also recommend a pair of heavy leather gloves. If you do this job without gloves, be prepared for a million little razor cuts.

After numerous hours of work, along with a spattering of blood, sweat, and tears, you should have an incredible ceiling as a reward. For my money, it’s all worth it, but for some, maybe not so much.

For those of you who would love a tin ceiling, but are unwilling to follow the prescribed recipe. I would like to recommend the faux tin ceiling, offering all the joys of a classic tin ceiling without all the effort and expense.

Faux tin is made from vinyl but looks like tin. Unlike tin, faux tin ceiling tiles are light, easy to install, and inexpensive. Faux tin can be cut with a pair of heavy duty scissors, and installed with a good quality polyurethane adhesive. Installing plywood to your ceiling joists is unnecessary, you can simply glue the tiles right up on to your existing ceiling.

Both options are valid, both will create a dramatic effect, and both are going to make you smile in the end. If the real deal is important to you then I suggest taking the time, and spending the cash. Not only will it be an amazing ceiling, but a conversation piece complete with war stories and battle wounds. If you, on the other hand, just want a great ceiling, in a quick convenient manner, faux tin is the perfect choice.

Tin Ceiling Tiles

Victorian Style 12-02

Turn-of-the-Century Style 24-05

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Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles

Ceiling Skin 201

Ceiling Skin 205

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