You’re finally getting around to that bathroom. You know what you would really like to do, but $4,000 dollars worth of tile work is not an option. You also want something that’s going to last in the wet environment of the bathroom.

Why not use our 100% vinyl ceiling tiles? They can be glued up and our grid strips will cover up the seams. A little top molding and you have a very nice wainscoting look for a fraction of the cost and made with material that will last in the bathrooms humid environment.

Sue sent us these images of the before and after of her bathroom project. Our Vinyl Cambridge ceiling tiles with decorative grid strips is capped by ET-8607 molding.

Her own words below…

Here is a set of before and after pictures of our bathroom. I must say that the tiles and railing were very easy to work with. We are so very pleased with the results.

Our budget for this project was low and Wish I Had That allowed us to complete it to our satisfaction. A little decoration left to do – and that’s also fun! Great service and tutorials as well.
Thank you,

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