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Try and choose a style that is not too fancy, opulent, or loud. It’s important to use a style of crown molding that fits the style of the home. For instance a larger fancier  home with high ceilings may accommodate a larger fancier style Crown Molding. A smaller more moderately designed home on the other hand may need a more conservative and smaller type of crown molding.

It is important to remain consistent. That doesn’t mean that you must use that same exact molding in every room of your house, but it is a good idea to use the same style of crown molding in the rooms that flow together. The same style does not mean the same size. If your entryway has an 8ft ceiling, your dining area has a 10ft, and your living room a 12, the crown molding size should change appropriately.

If you decide to install a different style of crown molding in your bedroom, or bathroom, that is absolutely acceptable since those rooms are not openly connected to any other rooms. Remember to choose molding appropriate to the room and the style of the home.

Once you decide to pick crown molding keep this in mind: your home is like a painting and crown molding is the frame. It is meant to enhance, not overwhelm.

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