Once upon a time a corbel was this piece of stone jutting out from the side of a wall designed for the sole purpose of bearing weight. Typically they were used on the outside of buildings as a way to improve structural integrity. At some point, an industrious builder decided that, while the corbels were necessary, by no means did they need to be ugly, and the modern corbel was born.

These days massive stone carved corbels are rare, but the corbel itself hasn’t gone away, it’s just been moved inside. No longer are they designed strictly to support, but to enhance. Architectural designers have found all kinds of interesting ways to integrate the corbel into our lives. With a little bit of imagination and a little bit of money, anyone can use corbels to change the look of a room, an entryway, or kitchen. Here are 5 amazing ideas for using corbels in your home.

1- The fireplace corbel

Hands down this is one of the most popular places to discover functioning corbels. They easily help make your fireplace a focal point. They also add a sense of style and design to the room.

2- The kitchen corbel

This is one of my personal favorite uses for the corbel. Typically you will find these decorative marvels nestled up to the hood vent over the range. Without the corbel this kitchen would still look incredible, but would feel like it was missing something. Corbels add the perfect touch of embellishment. It’s the difference between a professional and armature design.

3- The counter corbel

Even an amazing counter top can blend into the background of a room. Corbels not only draw the eyes, they also pull things together and create a continuity to a room. It’s subtle, but gives the room a complex feeling.

4- The entry corbel

Placed at the top and on both sides of the entryway, this use of the corbel makes a bold statement. The embellishment strokes my curiosity. If this is only the entryway, what does the rest of the house look like?

5- The bedroom corbel

Once again the corbels are a subtle feature to the room. They add a feeling of depth and decoration. Surely this room would look stunning without the corbels, but so much personality would be sacrificed.

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