Our products are used every day to transform and improve your living spaces. Sometimes these transformations are delicate additions to the detail of a space, but sometimes the transformation is drastic, completely changing a room. Jerry sent us these before and after images of his room and all we could say was, “WOW!”

Separating the wall with flat molding and painting the upper section the same color as the ceiling gives the sensation of additional space where there is none. A molding similar to our ET-8742 provides the border and seperator for the room.

The installation of the crown molding was simplified by using corner blocks. When using blocks in the corners, there is no complicated miter and bevel cutting to do for the inside or outside corners. Plus the blocks bring visual cues to the ceiling, drawing the eye upward.

Completing the room is the window trim and ceiling medallion.

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E3014 Corner Blocks
B3038 Ceiling Medallion
ET-8742 Flat Molding
AB147 Crown Molding
ET-8753 Window Trim
ED-4823 Corners