Custom Fireplace Surround

Fireplace surrounds are beautiful, and it is easier to create one from scratch than you think. Depending on how ornate you want it to be, you’ll need crown molding, corbels and some ornaments. You’ll also need two flat pieces of fiber board or wood for the top and bottom of the mantel.

With proper measurements, it is possible to create your mantle before you secure it to the wall. For simplicity, I’ll start at the top and work downward.

1) Attach the flat particle board/wood piece to your wall in such a way that it can hold whatever you may place on top of it in the future (candles, decorations, flowers, etc..)

ET-88158 Crown Molding 2) After you’ve chosen the type of crown molding you want to use, its time to attach it. You can use an angled molding, but I’ve chosen a more vertical piece with a beveled top portion (ET-88158).  Attach the crown molding so that the top of it is flush with the board that you’ve secured to the wall. The crown will be hanging from that board.

3) Attach the second piece of particle board/wood to complete the underside of the mantel. It should fit flush with the bottom part of your crown molding. The hardest parts are now completed.

Click image for more corbel ideas

4) Now attach the corbels you’ve picked for this job to both sides of the fireplace under the mantle. You can use short corbels, long corbels, or pilasters that are made for fireplaces. Like this one ►

5) The last step is using your ornamentals to add texture. The large ornament in the fireplace image is the ET-2833 . But you can choose any number from hundreds of options.

6) Paint your new surround.

Now you are done. You’ve created a unique fireplace surround that none of your friends or family will ever find in a store. Happy remodeling.