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whim·si·cal – Adjective /'(h)wimzikəl/
1. Playfully quaint or fanciful, esp. in an appealing and amusing way

What would posses a man to take a 1957 riding lawn mower and add aluminum and wood body parts to it to make it represent a train engine? Then build 5 different cars for it to pull? Because he can. And this is the coolest thing we have seen our products used on!

Gary and wife Jeanette have put together this amazing collection of hand built train cars. Jeanette also told us they have a Christmas parade car complete with animated snow man and sounds! The ferris wheel spins and plays music and the whole train is covered with lights.

Using some of our small ornamentals on the circus car and ferris wheel, Gary and Jeanette have found a brand new way to add detail to their project. ET-2821ET-2850L/R.