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May winner Mark gives us a little insight on his ongoing project…

“I have attached the pictures of the initial parlor Ceiling. I say initial, because I still am working adding a center piece (ET-8619) and possibly some stenciled gold designs. But that may take a few months to get back to. Even without these last touches, I’m sure you’ll see the ceiling is dramatically transformed. I used the AA067 and the E3007 and E3009. I realize there were corner blocks made for the AA067, but felt the contrast brought some character and the acanthus leaves in the E series enhanced some of the smoothness of the Corinthian flair in the Tuscan theme of the molding.

As a base for the molding I used simple inexpensive polystyrene sheets of insulation cut and routed with a roman ogee. I wanted to have two layers of depth to enhance and carry the incredible detail of the molding.

I was so pleased with the quality of the molding. I do plaster casting and as you can see custom work. However, there is no way I could reproduce the molding at such a reasonable cost. I have two other projects I’m also working on with your molding and will furnish some more pics when those are completed.


Keep it up Mark. We think ceilings have been ignored for far to long as a place to make a design statement and you are speaking our language.