In a Northern California backyard sits the reality of one man’s (with his wife’s support) creative imagination. Complete with a working Ferris Wheel, he has created a real train. Take one look at this childhood fantasy, and you might start feeling a bit jealous that you didn’t have this as a child. It took true “out of the box” thinking to install any of our products on the Woodland Express.

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Take a closer look and you’ll find some gold painted ornamental moldings that really make this work of art pop. On the Passenger Car, the ET-2821 accent molding was installed along with the ET-2850L and ET-2850R. The Ferris Wheel car is also displaying a bit of molding as well.

Yep, the train runs too. The Engine was designed from the platform of a 1957 tractor lawn mower, making it worthy of some true backyard fun. We’re told it makes it out to the local Christmas parade also.