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A well placed pool table, to me, is an awesome contemporary/classic element if your living space is big enough for it. Have you ever been to a Christmas party, and its your CEO’s home or some upper management figure? You already have an idea of what it will look like inside because you’ve driven through a gate and golf course to get to it. But nothing could have prepared you for an entire wing of the house being dedicated to an indoor theater and a billiard/dart room.

There it sits, a full size pool table with clean green felt and 15 balls triangularly laid out. What brings it all together is the amazing stained glass billiard lighting hanging from above. For a moment, you may think you are in an upper scale pool hall, but no. This is a house! Where did he/she get all of this cool stuff?

We offer a full line of Pool Table lights, also known as Billiard lighting. If you have a pool table, its time for the next phase in your play room’s decor. Light up that table the right way, and maybe your wife will appreciate the room just a little better. 🙂

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Happy Remodeling!