ET-88113 Molding

ET-88113 Molding

If you’re like me, a window isn’t completed unless there are drapes (either functional or decorative). I love complementing my windows at home with different curtain styles, depending on the decor of the room. Along with the new window hangings comes mounts and poles that support the curtains. A lot of times, these poles are also decorative, but maybe it isn’t your preference to have them showing at all.

Curtain Cornices are designed to decorate the very top of your curtains/drapes so that you can’t see where they hang. Recently a customer sent in project photos that were quite impressive to me. As they installed the ET-88113 Crown molding around a room, when it came to their window drapes, the molding extruded from the wall and corniced the window. Another wonderful addition was their use of our EP4 Molding Corner, which looks great with the selected crown molding.

ET-88113 Molding with EP4 Molding Corner

I hope this idea sparks your imagination.

As always, happy remodeling!