Structural Columns

Raw FiberglassA staple in architectural design is the column.  The fiberglass columns above are structural load bearing columns. Able to carry up to 20,000 lbs, these columns are as strong as they are decorative. They are made from a fiberglass polymer and are usually manufactured and sold unfinished, giving the contractor freedom to paint or finish.

These columns are also diversified when it comes to size and application. They are available from 6′ to 26′ tall. I’ve seen these used on porches, in homes – supporting archways and in entryways, and support for outdoor patios.

What is really great about these are the bases and capitals that come with them. There are two bases and five capitals to choose from when building your column. The capital styles are Tuscan, Scamozzi, Roman Corinthian, Temple of Winds and Ionic. Base styles are Tuscan and Attic.

These columns can be split to act as half columns or to be wrapped around a fortified beam. After being split, however, they aren’t considered “load bearing” anymore. Whatever the application for these columns may be, they are (a lot of times) the least expensive type of column you can buy. That’s hard to understand because they are the most functional while being decorative at the same time – but it’s true.

Capitals and Bases