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Ornamental Molding

Ornamental Molding Around Door

On our website, WishiHadThat.com, you’ll find over 100 ornamental moldings. So what do you do with these things anyway? Anything! They are designed to accent any space, inside or outside of a home, to bring life to what was once empty and boring. Most of our options come primed and ready for paint or finish.


18k Gold

We also have pieces that are wrapped in 18k gold, for the most ornate of decor. These gold moldings make up a part of our Regal Collection. Anything found in this collection is wrapped in genuine 18k gold foil. You’ll find Crown Molding, Casings, Wall/Ceiling Relief, Door Headers, and Corbels in this collection.

For the professional or amateur decorator who can look at a space and imagine something grand, ornamentals come in very handy. They allow someone to decorate freely and without boundaries. Like puzzle pieces, ornamental moldings can work together to design a grandeur design around a door or window, or they can be used one at a time as mini medallions to accent the center of a niche or between two windows.

Window   Relief
Window Frame Accent

So now I set you fee to browse and dream up new designs for your home’s decor. http://www.wishihadthat.com/decorative-wall-decor.aspx

Happy Remodeling!