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Ceiling Tiles

Ceiling Tiles in Living Room

You’ve decided to install ceiling tiles in your home. Maybe you have an electronic home with a very cool theater room. Or maybe you’d like to spruce up the entryway/living room of your home to be more awe-inviting. Whatever the case is, you are about to enter a world of hundreds of options!

Stratford TilesI’m willing to bet that when you think ceiling tile, you think Stratford Grid Tiles. Humble in appearance, they are the most sold ceiling style tile currently. But there are so many other styles. There are nearly 100 options for ceiling skins, 33 options for Tin Tiles, 10 options for Wood Tiles, and the list goes on.

Some tiles/skins mount to a grid, but others can mount straight to your ceiling. Many ceiling tiles are lightweight and fire rated; Meaning that they are easy to install due to their flexibility and weight, and they are safe in the event of a disaster.

Aluminum TilesSome of my favorite tiles are made from Aluminum. When light hits them, they sheen in such a way that no other tile can because of their metallic base. The down side to an aluminum tile setup is that there will be some high costs associated with the remodel – aluminum is higher in cost than plastic and these tiles are considered a higher grade of decor.

Finally, if you want a look that is a little more unique than your neighbor or friends, you can have custom tiles designed for your home.

I am excited for you to begin your Ceiling Tile remodel, and maybe you can send me some pictures of your finished projects!