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AB108 Molding

AB108 Crown Molding

The AB108 Crown Molding is the people’s choice for favorite crown molding. It is one of the most versatile styles of molding, meaning that it can be made to match a plethora of home decor genres. Though it’s humble at first glance, a closer look will reveal a multi-beveled design guarded by a series straight edges.

AB108 Crown Molding

AB108 Crown Molding w/ Corner Block

This molding is made from hardened polyurethane foam. It is less dense than wood, making it slightly flexible, but very strong and more durable than

wood. It won’t absorb moisture or rot like wood. It cuts clean like wood moldings, and you can paint or stain it to match any decor. Corner pieces are available, or if you prefer, a clean 45° cut fitment (equaling 90°) of the two ends of molding can work nicely in your wall corners.

And finally, to compliment this molding, I’d use the ET-8905 Baseboard molding. It exhibits some of the same character of the AB108. It’s humble in aesthetic quality, but simply elegant. No surprise, it is a favorite baseboard molding of remodelers today also.

Happy Remodeling!