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Ceiling Dome

51'' Ceiling Dome

The effect of a ceiling dome is very immediate when you walk into a room with one hovering over head. Especially if it is a larger dome (40”-50” in diameter). There is something about them that gives a governmental or religious aura to a space. Domes can change the sonic atmosphere for someone standing or sitting under them. Suddenly, sounds become clearer at the focal point of a ceiling dome. Certainly smaller domes don’t have the same effect, but they have their humble places too, such as above a dining table.

Ceiling Dome Lighting

Painted Dome w/ Chandelier

It is common to paint or finish domes to match a home’s decor. Choose your paint wisely, and you could end up with a  reflective surface that will cause a dome to glow. Some hang chandeliers from the center for lighting effect. Most domes that include molding will leave a circle in the center to attach the lighting.

The installation of a ceiling dome is a bit different from that of a medallion. Inherently, the shape of a dome means you’ll have to cut a place in the ceiling for the element. A handy-person and a few tools can knock out the process in a few hours. The mature new look of your home is worth the time it will take to plan for and install one of these ancient elements of decor.

Happy Remodeling!