Wall Niche

As you’re walking down a hallway in your home, it is apparent that the walls are much too plain. And you don’t have enough family portraits to fill the whole space. What else could you hang or install, that would bring life to this boring facade? A Wall Niche!

Niches are designed to be installed in pre-existing walls, because they are about 6″ to 10″ deep (and some inset just three inches like the K6001 model), which means there is probably a niche that can fit into the depth of your walls. Niches are a nice way to frame a vase, small statue, special portrait, flowers and just about anything else you’d like to stand apart from other items.

Niches are made from a strong and durable polyurethane, which can be painted, stained or faux-finished to resemble any material you can imagine. View our selection of niches @ http://www.wishihadthat.com/wall-niche.aspx.

Happy Remodeling!