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@ WishiHadThat.com, our moldings are made from polyurethane. Historically, moldings have been hand/machine carved from wood. Wood particles weaken over time. Water damage can rot wood moldings. Temperature causes wood to shrink and expand, increasing the probability of cracks.

Polyurethane is a dense foam material that has all of the advantages of wood without the disadvantages (rotting, splintering, and cracking). Let’s take a look at why polyurethane is a superior material to install. It is not anything like Styrofoam.

Polyurethane Crown Moldings are:

  • longer lasting than MDF or wood crown moldings
  • designed for interior and exterior use
  • lightweight and easy to cut/install
  • primed and ready for paint or finish

How tough is polyurethane molding? Very. It won’t splinter or crumble like wood. It can withstand most any kind of force that would ever naturally occur while installed during normal circumstances.