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Ceiling MedallionWith today’s housing market becoming affordable, more and more people are moving into brand new homes every day. Some of the first items installed into a new home are ceiling fans and lighting.

Pink Ceiling MedallionSpice up the room with a Medallion to compliment your chandelier or ceiling fan. They can cost very little, and they are easy to paint or finish to match the decor of any style. Some medallions come pre-painted or stained. Others are primed and ready for paint.

At WishiHadThat.com, we have a special series of medallions called the Michelangelo Ceiling Medallions. Angels, cloudy skies, faux-gold finishes, ornate backgrounds, and detailed molding are some of the elements found in this series. Take a look for yourself, if SUPER-ORNATE is what you are striving to achieve.