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Kristi sent in these wonderful photos of her dining and living room area. Kristi was looking for asolution to cover the structural beam in the middle of the floor where the two spaces are separated. She used our EC-8302-7 column base under the EC-8305-8smooth shaft topped by theEC-8303A7 capitol. The full columns were cut in half to facilitate wrapping them around the beam. She then used two more halves on the left and right walls. The faux marble finish completes the illusion of marble structural columns under the arches. Obviously this was accomplished at a fraction of the cost that real marble columns would have been.

You can browse our complete selection of full columns here.

Honorable Mention: Nancy used our ET-3834 to cover up some water damage on a headboard she had stored.

“Thanks to the marvelous panel from Wish I Had That, I have been able to reinvent the bed and hide its multitude of problems!”

Honorable Mention: Gold Foil Combo GF#3 – GF#8 and a GF2058 was used to trim out this padded cornice. Our exclusive gold foil moldings are part of our Regal Collection

Honorable Mention: Some Mardi Gras float decor. N1018-3W Capitol, N1018-2W Capitol and Et-2820