October 2012 Winner – Ceiling Skins: A “Perm”anent Solution

From movie sets to art frames, our products here at WishiHadThat.com have been used for a wide variety of applications. Its refreshing to see customers break the traditional mold and use a product in a new and creative way. One such example of this is Shelly’s use of what would normally be a ceiling tile, and using it for the side of her salon counter. For her project she used Antique Silver Ceiling Skin 150 to cover the side giving it a whole new look. Excellent job Shelley!


September 2012 Winner – From Molding to Masterpiece

As time progresses and each century leaves its mark on the canvas of history, artists emerge to portray not only the society of their time but also the artistic expression that their lives’ capsulize. Not only has this been true of people through the ages, but from time to time customers will take various Wishihadthat products and create beautiful artistic expressions that are sure to leave its viewers (and us) impressed.

One such customer was Neil. By using WR-9015 Molding and WR-9015 Corners and some faux finishing, he made a beautiful wall frame for which his wall painting should reside. Excellent job Neil! 

August 2012 Winner – To Every King a Crown

Sometimes when installing certain architectural elements, there can be challenges on how the product can be installed. When installing for example, crown molding, the large decorative patterns can make the corners tricky to match up. This is why we have product specialists who are able to help all of our customers buy the exact product they are looking for.

One product for example is ET-88274HW Crown Molding in which the large modallion pattern requires special care for proper corner installation. Tom, whose corners we see in the photos took special creative measures to insure an excellent install. Tom writes:

“…I decided to use the square ends and make corner blocks that would somewhat mimic the pattern.  After gluing up the blocks I used a Dremel to carve the profile on the sides to match the end of the molding. Then I used applique’s cut out of the waste material and applied to the front and bottom of the blocks and painted the blocks to match the coloring on the molding.  Came out pretty well I believe.”

It is wonderful to see customer’s final results and come up with such extraordinary decorative elements to their houses.

July 2012 Winner – Ceiling Skins: A “Quickstep” to a Beautiful Studio

Every month I get the exciting yet almost tasking opportunity to glimpse into the world of our customers as I pedantically search through project after project searching for something that catches my eye. From colossal corbels to modern molding, our valued customers have time after time found ways to use our products that never ceases to amaze me.

And this is exactly what happened this month. Not only did my jaw drop at the visual transformation that her basement underwent but I was also impressed by how she used our White 204 Ceiling Skin to create this classy and inviting dance studio. With a little creative ingenuity, Kathy converted her standard white, 2×4 grid ceiling, into a custom painted, 2×2 grid ceiling, perfect for any dance atmosphere. Whether for waltz or paso doble, Kathy showed that our ceiling skins can “jive” with any creative vision that our customers dance around.

June 2012 Winner – One Man’s Medallion is Another’s Art

As with many of our products (such as the ornamentals and rosettes) there is a wide array of uses and applications. From accenting a fireplace mantel to furnishing your lighting and ceiling fans WishiHadThat’s products have served many uses and purposes.

One creative use that Joyce decided to employ was to use our ceiling medallions as wall art. See MD-5188 Medallion.  Simple yet brilliant, by hanging the medallions on the wall, the room gets a touch of class and sophistication at an affordable price.

One Man’s Medallion is Another’s Art